Google Analytics is used To track website performance and collect visitor data. Companies can use it to figure out the main user traffic sources, assess the success rate of their promotional efforts and campaigns, track goal achievements (like purchases and cart additions), identify patterns and trends in user engagement, and gather other visitor data like demographics.


You need to sign up for a Google Analytics account in order to measure a website. Then, each page of your website needs to have a short piece of JavaScript measurement code added to it. The tracking code will gather private information on a user’s interactions with a webpage each time they visit it.

Google Analytics has tools that may be used to assist users spot patterns and trends in how people interact with their websites. Data gathering, analysis, monitoring, visualization, reporting, and integration with other applications are all made possible by features. These qualities consist of:

data filtering, manipulation, and funnel analysis tools; 
data gathering application programme interfaces (APIs); dashboards, scorecards, and motion charts that show changes in data over time;

Custom reports for advertising, acquisition, audience Behaviour, and conversion;
email-based sharing and communication; and integration with other products, such as Google Ads, Google Data Studio, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Google AdSense, Google Optimise 360, Google Search Ads 360, 
Google Display & Video 360, Google Ad Manager, and Google Search Console.

Users can save profiles for many websites within the Google Analytics dashboard and either view details for the basic categories or choose custom metrics to display for each site. Content overview, keywords, referring websites, visitors overview, map overlay, and traffic sources overview are among the tracking categories that are available.

Important Metrics

A metric is a standard for numerical measurement. Users of Google Analytics can monitor up to 200 different metrics to assess the effectiveness of their websites. These are some of the most popular metrics, while some may be more important to some firms than others:

  1. Users- A user is an unique or new website user.
  2. Rate of bounces-the proportion of visitors that just looked at one page. These users only caused one request to be sent to the Google Analytics server.
  3. Sessions- the collection of visitor interactions that take place all over a 30-minute activity window.
  4. Average time spent in a session. how long a typical visit lasts on the website.
  5. proportion of fresh sessions-the proportion of first-time visitors to a website.
  6. Per session, pages- the typical quantity of pages viewed every session.
  7. goals are achieved-the quantity of visitors that carry out a specific, desired action. Another name for this is a conversion.
  8. view of pages. amount of pages viewed overall.


Google Analytics has specific advantages and disadvantages. Cons typically relate to the platform’s strength, accessibility, and lack of cost. The following advantages are also offered by Google Analytics:

  1. The service is free, simple to use, and suitable for beginners.
  2. There are several metrics and adjustable dimensions available in Google Analytics. Using this platform, a variety of important insights can be gathered.
  3. Numerous additional functions are also included in Google Analytics, including data visualisation, monitoring, reporting, predictive analysis, etc.

The following are some historical issues with Google Analytics that may have an impact on the data’s accuracy:

Users that disable Google Analytics cookies, specific browser add-ons, ad blocking software, and privacy networks may could compromise the accuracy of all data.

To lessen server burden, reports are generated by sampling 500,000 randomly selected sessions. Additionally, these statistics only provide margins of error for the number of visits. Small data segments may therefore have extremely high margins of error.

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