Phone battery is running out quickly, know how to keep phone battery for a long time

Phone battery

Apple company keeps on launching a lot of iOS software for the apple users. It is very important to update those software. If we keep updating the software as soon as it is launched, it will help our phone battery to last longer.

In the last days I came to hear that the phone battery of the phone has started draining quickly. So users are very upset by this. users also update software but still they have phone battery issue. But still the users are not able to get rid of this problem. But don’t worry, today in this page here will be told some tricks and tips to keep the phone battery lifetime long, which will be very useful for phones. the first of which is:

4 Ways how to keep phone battery for a long time

1.low brightness

Always use the phone on low brightness whenever you use it. This will give you two advantages, one will not affect your eyes much and secondly, your phone’s battery will not be affected as much and the battery will be very less low .So always use your phone in a low brightness.

2. lower mode enabled

Apple users also use the option of lower mode. Keeping the phone on lower mode will drain the battery very less and you will get a notification when the battery of the phone goes below 20%. So that you can charge the phone on time and there is not much effect on the phone battery.

3. software update

Always update your phone time to time. As I have already told you that, update your phone on time, if we don’t keep the phone update, to this our phone and battery will be affected a lot. if you don’t know that how to update the phone then simply you have to go to the settings and then click on general there will be an option show which is ‘software update’. then simply you have to click on that option and your phone will be update. If you still feel trouble updating your phone, then you can contact Apple’s customer care. they will guide you.

4. Apps refresh background

When you use the phone, keep in mind that more apps may not be running in the background. because it can drain your battery easily. Always refreshing the phone. If you open an app, then refresh the background of the phone after using it. This will help your battery last longer. And try not to use the phone while charging, doing so may damage the phone’s battery. So these were some small tips by which you can keep your phone’s battery lifelong.

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