What is keywords In Seo

Keywords are ideas and concepts which define the topic matter of your article. In terms of SEO, these include the phrases and keywords that users type into search engines to find content; these are also known as “search queries.” These are your main keywords if you reduce everything on your page—all the images, pictures, writing, etc.—to short, easy words and phrases.


To make it easy for people to find your material on the search engine result page (SERP) results, as the owner of a website and content manufacturer, you want the keywords on your page to be relevant to what they are searching for.

Why Are Keywords Important

Because they link what people are searching for to the content that you create to meet their requirements, keywords are important. The goal of getting a high search engine ranking is to send organic traffic to your website from the SERPs, and the traffic you receive will depend on the keywords you select to target (i.e., those you decide to use in your content, among other things). For instance, if you run a golf shop, you could want to rank for “new clubs”; yet, if you’re not careful, you might end up luring customers looking for a new location to dance at night.

Because you might describe what you’re able to give in a way that varies slightly than how your audience actually searches for it, it are as much about your audience as they are about your content. You have to understand the requirements of those visitors, particularly the language they use and the kinds of information they are searching for, in order to produce content that ranks high organically and attracts visits to your website. By talking with your customers, joining forums and community groups, and doing your own keyword research using an application like Keyword Explorer, you may accomplish this.

Where To Use Keywords For Seo

There are a few fundamental guidelines for using keywords that you should start with. On every page of your website, use unique keywords in the places where bots and people typically go to assure that you have what they’re looking for.

The points that follow are the principal places where your main keywords should be placed:


tag titles

Meta information

(H1) Page Title

(H2) Subheadings

Body of your body

Alt attributes for images

Keywords Research best practices

Do keyword research to better understand your audience and gather regards that are relevant to your industry.

Compare the intent of consumers and your keywords.

Use your primary search terms selectively and only where they make sense, like in title tags, on-page content, H1 tags, and, if feasible, in the page URL, meta description, and alt attributes.

To stay apprised of trends, frequently do keyword research.

In order to develop a content strategy, use keywords

Sometimes your content already exists, and you need to figure out how to match it to keywords. While you can frequently begin with a keyword and build a piece of content around that term. For this, make a “content to keyword map.” By creating this map, you can better understand the effects of the present material and spot any gaps or weaknesses that need to be remedied.

You can use keywords to group your content and create a strategy because they define each page on the site. Starting a spreadsheet (your “content to keyword map”) and selecting your main keyword for each piece is the simplest method to accomplish this. You can then modify your sheet to meet your needs by adding keywords.

Each page on the website should ideally focus on a different primary keyword. The majority of the time, your homepage will zero in on a very broad industry term, while your category pages, product sites, and articles will hone down on your specialization and target specific needs.

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