How to use Chatgpt to make money(10 Easy ways)

How to use Chatgpt to make money(10 Easy ways)

Even since OpenAI released ChatGPT, the tech industry has undergone significant shift.The OpenAI Large Language Model (LLM) is so capable that it can perform a variety of tasks, including as creative work like writing essays, computational tasks like crunching numbers, generating code, and more. People are currently making supplemental income with ChatGPT’s incredible AI capabilities. Without any prior programming experience, you may easily create apps and services using ChatGPT and its equivalents. Additionally, it’s used for affiliate marketing, launching new businesses, and a lot more. Follow the instructions in the full article below to learn how to generate money using ChatGPT.

1.Discover Unclaimed Funds

You can locate unclaimed funds in your name, at least in the United States, with the aid of ChatGPT 4 and OpenAI plugins. Yes, it is now doable, as the Do Not Pay CEO has previously shown on Twitter. The internet surfing plugin in ChatGPT 4 allows you to access live internet and discover unclaimed reimbursements from businesses and governmental entities in your name.

All you have to do is ask ChatGPT to locate you some money by entering your name, location, and birthdate. It will search the web and provide you with a link to request a refund. I think that’s very cool. So go ahead and profit from GPT 4 without creating a product or engaging in any side businesses.

2. Establish a website, app, or service

Building a product is the next best method to generate money with ChatGPT. And you don’t need to learn how to code for this. By providing step-by-step tutorials on how to use frameworks, toolchains, programming languages, etc., ChatGPT may assist you in turning your concepts into tangible products. Ihor Stefurak, a businessman from Ukraine, recently used ChatGPT to build a Chrome extension despite having no programming experience. And 24 hours after starting the extension, he made $1000. That’s crazy, isn’t it?


In a matter of hours, you may start a business and become a solopreneur. Want to create an attractive HTML page? Query ChatGPT. You desire to incorporate Stripe for simple checkout. Query Make mistakes along the way? Again, you are more than welcome to request code debugging from ChatGPT.

However, in order to access ChatGPT 4, I would suggest signing up for ChatGPT Plus. As a result, there is no way to use ChatGPT 4 for free without shelling out the extra money. And it’s worth it, really. ChatGPT 4 excels in code generation and can quickly identify and correct mistakes. You don’t need to be a coder to comprehend the rationale behind the code, but it would help. To summarise, create a tech product if you want to profit from ChatGPT.

3. Get Innovative Ideas From ChatGPT

You must make the most of ChatGPT if you want to profit from it. In case you weren’t aware, ChatGPT excels at producing fresh suggestions for passive income. Depending on your interests, you could use the ChatGPT prompt below to inquire about potential side businesses.

You will now be questioned extensively by ChatGPT regarding your knowledge, interests, difficulties, and more. The AI chatbot will then generate customised business ideas based on your capabilities and expectations. You can inquire more and conceptualise the strategy for how to begin, what considerations to make, etc. Start by typing “Generate a new business idea for…” and ChatGPT will provide some incredible outcomes.

4.Make a chatbot with AI

The demand for AI-assisted chatbots has increased since ChatGPT’s release. Businesses, universities, apps, and even individuals want to use their own specific data to train the AI and develop a customised AI chatbot. If you know how to train an AI and build a cool front end, you can make good money. A virtual assistant powered by Chat GPT that can interpret Stripe’s technical documentation and aid developers by providing prompt answers already exists.

A tutorial on how to train an AI chatbot using specific data has also been written by us. The best thing is that you don’t need to be a coder to make an AI chatbot. You can also ask ChatGPT for assistance with this. You can ask it for advice on how to use Python to build an AI chatbot, and it will begin to respond.

The indexed JSON file’s useful information may be instantly found via the OpenAI API. Your chatbot’s front end can also be built with Typescript. There are numerous approaches, and will undoubtedly be helpful. So you can start by developing an AI chatbot if you want to market the concept of a specifically trained chatbot for customer care, technical support, database administration, etc.

5. Affiliate Email Marketing

One of the simplest methods to earn money with through email affiliate marketing. The chatbot is skilled at crafting a variety of emails that will entice readers to click on a link and make a purchase or sign up for a subscription. You can include your affiliate link, which is likely to generate income for you. Start by selecting an affiliate programme, such as one offered by Amazon, Shopify, ConvertKit, etc.

The next step is to use lead magnets, email signups, and other strategies to establish an email list around your targeted marketing campaign. Now, use ChatGPT to create an effective email campaign that includes the advantages, services provided, and affiliate link. You can now keep an eye on the emails’ click-through and conversion rates to get a clear picture of how well your campaign is doing. One of the profitable, low-effort ways to make money with ChatGPT is undoubtedly email affiliate marketing.

6.Turn into a Prompt Expert

Even the best ChatGPT replacements and the best mobile AI solutions have their own quirks. The process of actually using AI picture generators can be challenging for some people. This is due to the fact that, despite being intelligent, artificial intelligence can become stupid if given the wrong suggestions to utilise. However, you must have noticed people assembling a range of prompts and selling them when browsing the Internet. Additionally, you may even notice individuals advertising courses in AI prompt engineering. While initially unneeded, these have developed into legitimate occupations.

You can utilise ChatGPT to make money for yourself if you have a thorough understanding of AI and its applications. You can fill this role for the audience who needs short yet extensive instructions on how to use Midjourney to create AI art. In a similar vein, if you have used ChatGPT for a long enough period of time, you can even compile the best ChatGPT prompts available and offer a collection for whatever price you like.

However, keep in mind that this will necessitate considerable expertise in reverse prompt engineering and a basic knowledge of how AI functions. If you already have it, getting started will be simple. However, there are a tonne of resources online for people who don’t. To get started and start using ChatGPT to make money, you can even use some of our guides that are mentioned above.

7. ChatGPT video-making tool

On the Internet, there are a lot of specialised and sub-niche categories that have not yet been fully researched. You can ask ChatGPT to suggest videos for a specific category. Then you can request that it also produce a script for the YouTube video. When you’re finished, visit or to instantly produce films from the text with AI-supported narration. Now that the video has been uploaded to YouTube, you can start making some extra cash.

In addition, you can make video material based on current affairs and monetise it. For instance, reaction videos are popular on YouTube, and people prefer to view them in the Shorts format (the clip must be shorter than 60 seconds in length). You may make a lot of money using ChatGPT and such specialty content ideas.

8. Self-publish e-books you’ve written.

A Reuters story claims that since ChatGPT was introduced, the number of AI-written e-books has significantly increased on Amazon. This is due to ChatGPT making it more simpler to write and conceptualise new ideas. Using the Kindle Direct Publishing platform, authors are using ChatGPT to create e-books on a variety of timely and specialised subjects that are then sold directly on Amazon. Recently, we also made the decision to investigate ChatGPT’s potential and use it to compose articles.

With the aid of ChatGPT, individuals are creating e-books in a variety of genres, from children’s books to inspirational speeches and science fiction novels. You can begin with the plan and gradually add each paragraph to your word processor because ChatGPT does not respond with lengthy responses all at once.

9. Independently Produce Content

Finally, you can work as a freelancer in any industry and supplement your income using ChatGPT. In order to make the content appear more qualified and well-researched, businesses are now rewarding workers who use AI technologies like ChatGPT. You may utilise ChatGPT for freelance work beyond just writing blog posts, including translation, digital marketing, editing, creating product descriptions, and more.

There is now a whole category for AI services on Fiverr (visit), where you can discover work in the fields of technical writing, content editing, fact-checking, and more. Therefore, if you are a competent user of ChatGPT, feel free to pursue freelance work in your field.

10. Work as an online assistant

This approach is a little different than building an AI chatbot, which might help you start earning money rapidly. The ChatGPT tool is not too difficult to use. But not everyone has the time or desire to take advantage of it. You can use ChatGPT to develop into a full-fledged human assistant for situations like these and more. The capabilities of ChatGPT have significantly expanded since it gained access to the Internet.

In a similar spirit, ChatGPT plugins are now available for activation and use, giving the bot more authority. Anyone can utilise the AI chatbot to generate income if they have the best ChatGPT plugins and the necessary expertise on their side. There are many things you may do, from very basic jobs like sending emails and Slack messages to helping customers polish their code and sketching out full stories and even language translation.

The best aspect is that a formal degree is not even required. All that is required is in-depth knowledge of ChatGPT, which, to be honest, is widely available at the moment. Although rather unconventional, you can use ChatGPT to generate income in this manner.

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