We have described how to build a free platform website in this guide. There is a significant difference between and; I will discuss these distinctions in a later piece. For now, you should just be aware that, not, allows you to create a free website. Here, we’ll demonstrate how to create and host a free website.


Let’s start with the process of creating a website step by step.

Step 1: First Sign up to

Initially, you must register at, so head to You would see a screen similar to the one below. Simply select Get Started. Your browser would send you to a signup page.

Complete the registration form. Email Address, Username, Password, and Blog Address (Domain name) are the fields you must fill up. Then click Create Blog.

There are a few things you should be aware of: Since you’ll be using the WordPress platform to build your free website, the domain name you select will automatically be suffixed with For instance, I chose the blog name easysteps2buildwebsite, which has been automatically given the suffix, making my complete domain name (website’s address)

Step 2: Activate your blog and confirm the email(WORDPRESS WEBSITE)

After completing step 1, you will be presented with a screen similar to the one below, asking you to enter your email address.

To verify the Address, go to your email and click on “Activate Blog!” You would receive an email similar to the one below.

Step 3: Create your blog(WORDPRESS WEBSITE)

After completing step 2, you will be prompted for a few specifics regarding your new website, including the blog title, tagline, and language. After filling out all of these details, click Next Step.

Step 4: Pick a WordPress theme and customize it(WORDPRESS WEBSITE)

In this step you must need to choose a theme for your website. There you would find free and premium themes both. Choose any of the free theme, select it and head over to the next step. You can also browse more free themes at

Customize the theme if you want otherwise click Next Step

Step 5: Connect with either Twitter or Facebook(WORDPRESS WEBSITE)

Here, you may choose how to set up your Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can move on to the next step without taking this one. Later on, you could configure these items.

Step 6: Complete the procedure(WORDPRESS WEBSITE)

Select Finish. You were successful in using WordPress to establish a free website. It’s time to review the website’s appearance.

Step 7: View your brand-new website(WORDPRESS WEBSITE)

Enter your full domain name (website’s URL) in the browser. Your website would be accessible to you. Nice, huh! Setting things up only took a few minutes in total. Wait!! We have only just begun; in order to make your website look appealing, you still need to make changes to its style and appearance. You can achieve this by reading the section below.

Final Note

That concludes this. I’m rather certain that by using the procedures listed above, you were able to make a nice website for no cost. Please feel free to leave a message in the comment box below if you have any concerns or doubts about this; we will be happy to help. Describe your thoughts and ideas in order to improve the information so that even a novice might complete it on his own. Share the tutorial with your friends on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter if you find it useful.

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